10 Best gift ideas for your girlfriend ! - BetterThanFlowers
10 Best gift ideas for your girlfriend ! - BetterThanFlowers

10 Best gift ideas for your girlfriend !

A woman opening a Better Than Flowers Package with a red heart shaped balloon flying out of it

During this time of celebrations, it is important to remember and rekindle your flame of love, be it Valentine's Day, Christmas, your anniversary, your girlfriend’s birthday, finding a unique gift can be an intimidating mission. It is not like you can ask your girlfriend what she would like, right ? That would ruin the whole surprise. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, it's essential to consider her interests, personality, and needs when choosing a gift that is both meaningful and appreciated and that will express your love. 

For her, your gift needs to be unique and showcase not only your love, affection and appreciation, but also your attention to details and your thoughtfulness. It isn’t about the gift itself – it's also about the thought and effort that goes into it. 


A gift box, maybe ? Definitely

A Better Than Flowers Balloon gift box and a Better Than Flowers Surprise Box

Consider putting together a personalized gift box filled with a selection of smaller items that reflect her interests and tastes. Or, create a custom gift by hand, such as a scrapbook filled with memories or a handmade piece of art. These types of gifts show that you really took the time to think about what she would like, and that you care about her enough to put in the effort to create something special just for her.

Here are some carefully selected ideas for gift boxes that you can personalize depending on your girlfriend's interests and personality that will serve as a perfect gift: 

As sweet and romantic as your girlfriend 

A collage of gifts for her including a red heart shaped balloon, a heart shaped I love you balloon, and chocolates from Better than flowers.

We all know romantic can quickly become cheesy, so we suggest the following non-sappy gift box your girlfriend would love—although we did add a few heart-shaped items!  It’s irresistible, to be honest!

If your girlfriend loves all things sentimental, and is a fan of romantic gestures, you should consider our romantic gift box that brings together wine, chocolate, and balloons. This box represents the perfect setup for a romance filled night.

The combination of romance for her !

Wine has gone down in history as a drink shared in intimate occasions from the time of Greek mythology. Today, you can find in all amorous movie scenes, from James Bond’s irresistible charms to Marilyn Monroe’s play of seduction. Even scientific research enforces the role of moderate wine intake in a women’s sexual health. 

Combined with chocolate, they can produce oxytocin hormones that inflame desire and make the beloved one more open to romance. To achieve this setup and to spice things up a little more, you can choose heart shaped balloons that will take her breath away.

Dim lights. Your song playing in the background. Food cooked with the utmost care and love.  She opens the box. Heart-shaped balloons fly together to fill the room, a bottle of Rosé unfolds as you grab the drinking glasses. Chocolate bites perfect for her taste. She would never let her friends hear the end of it.


The decor enthusiast of a girlfriend 

Red Triptych Bundle Hong Kong Illustrations by Graphik' Re!collection from Better Than Flowers

 This personalized gift box is created for your practical and down-to-earth girlfriend. Generally speaking, women find a unique kind of comfort in making their homes as personalized to their taste as they can, so it would serve as a safe space from the noise and stress of their daily lives. 

If your girlfriend has a profound love to decoration and personalized spaces, this gift box is perfect for her. It contains candles, illustrations, and even plants. The combination of these elements can totally upscale any room in her home and make it a statement piece.

Help her upgrade her Home

Be attentive and tasteful when selecting a gift for your girlfriend, who loves home decor, whether it's for your anniversary, her birthday, or even Christmas.

If your girlfriend prefers something minimalist and neutral, candles might be just that. They can be utilized as a work of art to enhance her bohemian-style home and to demonstrate attention to detail and upscale taste.

Walls can look and give a feeling of emptiness if left unadorned. It is always a great idea to give your girlfriend a surprise gift composed of artistic illustrations that will help her personalize her home.

As for plants, they can bring freshness and life into the fast-paced lifestyle that your girlfriend has. It can replenish her energy and boost the levels of oxygen. You can get her a small plant or a planting kit that she can use to grow her plants. 

The combination of these three elements elevate the taste of her home and testify of your taste as a lover, as they are personalized unique gifts and can be quite the surprise. 


If she is big on Netflix

A collage of socks with different desgins, gummy bears, chocolates, and hot cocoa.

So it is national girlfriend appreciation day and your girlfriend is an infamous Netflix lover and just has her introvert moments where she likes to stay at home and be cozy and warm. 

This specific gift box is the perfect gift for this type of girlfriend because it will offer her unparalleled warmth and will be a testament of how you care about her comfort and ease of mind.

Warm, fuzzy and cozy for her !

We all like to snack while watching Netflix, be is a sweet or salty snack. If your girlfriend loves food and enjoys snacking, consider giving her a gift that allows her to please her taste buds. You can get her an assortment of snacks

Watching romantic movies is always better if she is having candy, chocolate, chocolate coated almonds, a hot cup of tea or even a cup of hot chocolate. 

You can also pick a jam to her taste, we have quite the range, or surprise her with a new taste that she was eager to test. 

The sweet taste gives her an additional joy and makes watching Netflix all the more fun. If she is not a sweet tooth, on the other hand, you can always get her crunchy cheesy snacks. 


Warm her up

When we get under the covers and hit that movie, it is essential to feel warm, so what better than socks to add to the already thoughtful snacks that we packed in this gift box ? 

Receiving socks as a gift or a surprise indicates an intimate bond that you share with your girlfriend since socks offer comfort, and keep her warm.

It can’t get any warmer? Trust me, it can.

The perfect addition to the surprise gift box is, you guessed it, a pillow.  After a long, tiresome day, your girlfriend just wants to unwind and enjoy the comfort of her bed and her favorite show. Giving your girlfriend a pillow is like showing her you care about her health, and comfort because a pillow can prevent her from feeling exhausted and worn-out.


Your girlfriend is skin-care Lover

A combination of skincare products including, body & face soaps, a bath bomb and a shower towel.

Women tend to put a lot of effort and care into their skincare routines to have glowing, bright skin. Your beautiful girlfriend certainly would be ecstatic if you surprise her on her birthday by a gift that is close to her interests and will help maintain a bright complexion.

The essential elements of a skincare routine are cleansing and hydration, so this gift box covers these two and leaves you room to innovate and create a unique gift. 


The secret ingredients

A bar of handcrafted soap can be a kind and considerate gift that will be appreciated. A collection of soaps on the other hand offers a delightful range of scents and colors. Consider also giving her a bath bomb that will make her bath time more fun and relaxing. 

For your element of hydration, you can choose lip balms, seeing as lips are always overlooked in the mission of hydration. Helping your girlfriend maintain soft, plump lips will definitely make her radiating. 

One more perfect detail would be getting her a delicate towel to go with this theme and offer her even more sense of freshness. 

This gift box screams love, appreciation and thoughtfulness, what can we say not many partners pay attention to such important gifts, so you can take the lead. 


A wild and fun girlfriend !

A penis puzzle, a poop emoji balloon, and ride the minibus drinking game.

If your girlfriend is always up for an adventure and having fun, consider giving her a gift that will help her explore and experience new things, consider giving her an unexpected gift. It will be hands down a surprise, but one that will make her laugh and spend enjoyable time over and over again.

Puzzles and games

Penis shaped puzzle games, I know surprising, that’s the point. This could be a fun game to play with girls or even on a drinking night. Other from the explicit puzzle you can get her any type of puzzles that will get her busy for a while and her ease her stress. 

Speaking of drinking nights, a drinking game can only guarantee one thing, and that’s a whole lot of fun and a perfect addition to this surprise box.

If your girlfriend has this type of humor sense or you if you share a bathroom inside joke, you can get her a poop shaped balloon as a surprise, or even include quirky gifts like T-rex shaped sticky notes or a cookie stamp.

Just to say that this box has been made to give her a good laugh and offer her a little fun that she might be missing on. 


Her and her cat !

A collection of cat themed toys including, a laptop and a dj turntable cat scratch, a cat charging cable, cat sticky notes, and a bird balloon.

Girls and ladies in general have a special bond with their cats, so if your girlfriend is one of those ladies, then this box is the perfect gift for her. 

Getting her a cat-themed gift box shows that you care and appreciate not only her, but also her animals that she loves and holds close to her heart. 

The Meow Love

Your girlfriend is complaining about her cats keep scratching her beloved furniture, but she loves them way too much to do anything about it ? You can be her knight in shining armor and get her cat scratch toys that will keep her cats busy and away from furniture and clothes.

You can also get her cat themed gadgets like a cat charging cable or cat themed sticky notes and other small gadgets that will remind her of you and your care to what she loves.

Furthermore, you can always add balloons for the extra element of your surprise in your box and this specific box symbolizes your love to all that she loves and we all love a cat dad. 



Consider her interests

No matter what type of girlfriend you have, the most important thing is to show her that you care and that you put thought and effort into finding a gift that is meaningful and special to her. Whether you choose a heartfelt gesture or a practical gift, the key is to show her that you know and appreciate her for who she is.

Don’t be afraid to ask

In addition to considering her interests and needs, it's also important to consider your budget and the occasion. While it's always nice to show your love and appreciation with a thoughtful gift, it's also essential to be practical and realistic about what you can afford.  And, of course, the occasion should also be taken into consideration – a birthday or anniversary gift will likely require a different level of thought and effort than a casual gift just because.

If you're still struggling to come up with ideas, consider asking her friends or family members for suggestions. They may have a better sense of what she would like and can provide some valuable insights. You can also try looking at her social media accounts or online wish lists for clues about her interests and preferences.

Make your choice

Naturally, these gift box sets aren't only for Valentine's Day. All of these top picks and bestsellers are ideal for gift boxes for your anniversary, her birthday, Christmas, and other special occasions.

These gift boxes that we suggested t allow you to create special memories together and can be especially meaningful if they involve interests that your girlfriend is passionate about. You can always check more on our store betterthanflowers.hk 

Ultimately, the most important thing is to show your girlfriend that you care and that you put thought and effort into finding a gift that is meaningful and special to her. Whether you pick a heartfelt gesture or a practical gift, the key is to show her that you know and appreciate her for who she is. With these ideas in mind, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend.


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