Personalized gift ideas for companies

Are you looking for an original corporate gift for your employees or your customers? Do you want to mark your prospects with a commercial reminder that they will not forget? Do you want to boost press or influencer coverage?

We make tailor-made quotes, during the day.

Would you like to make an original corporate gift?

We have lots of ideas to surprise your partners with original and personalized business gifts.

βœ”οΈ Your personalized box.
βœ”οΈ From 10 items.
βœ”οΈ Express deadlines.
βœ”οΈ Individual address delivery or group shipment.

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Surprising corporate gifts for all occasions

β€’ Employee birthdays

β€’ Increase its visibility

β€’ Build customer loyalty

β€’ Press Releases

β€’ Send invitations

β€’ Make an announcement

β€’ Relaunch prospects

β€’ Simply say thank you

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What business gift for your customers / prospects / colleagues ?

The 5 questions we are often asked:

Can I send you my stock ?

It is quite possible to send us the goodies you want to add to our boxes.

Can I ship to different addresses or a common address ?

You can choose to deliver your parcels to a single point or to deliver directly to the recipients' homes.

Can I stagger shipments over time ?

It is totally possible to send your parcels on different dates. We regularly send packages for employee birthdays or the onboarding of new customers. Our customers can access a platform on which they can order their boxes as the year progresses.

Are the prices decreasing according to the number of packages ordered ?

Our prices are decreasing in stages from 15 packages ordered.


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Customer service available and responsive by e-mail or telephone.

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