What is BetterThanFlowers

An original French concept created in the city of Love, Paris, over a year ago, BetterThanFlowers now arrives in Hong Kong and Singapore to spread the love across Asia.

BetterThanFlowers.hk is a Hong Kong based website founded by aΒ French team of entrepreneurs, who realised that while flowers serve a purpose, your loved ones want something better than flowers from time to time.

Delivered directly to their door in 72h, the package opens on a heart-shaped balloon flying out of the box carrying a lovely personalised card with your message to your loved one, your family or your friend.

For Every Occasions...

Valentine's Day is only the tip of the iceberg, think anniversary, birthday, mother's day, women's day, father's day, first date, engagement, baby shower, and any other occasions when you want to express your love to someone special in an original way, BetterThanLowers.

Get in Touch

To contact us, simply email us at hello@betterthanflowers.hk or use the contact form.