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Β Our dedicated team has put aΒ splendid assortment of products that encapsulates the essence and vibrancy of this auspicious occasion.

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Our Chinese New Year Gifts

Looking for aΒ Chinese New Year giftΒ for those with a sweet tooth?

Look no further than the CNY-themed chocolate from Conspiracy Chocolates. Delicately crafted with rich flavors and artistic designs, these chocolates serve as a delectable treat and a visual delight. Perfect for friends, family, or colleagues who appreciate the fusion of culinary artistry and Chinese New Year festivities

Want to raise a toast to prosperity and good fortune?

Our selection of fine wines and champagnes. These elegant bottles embody the celebratory spirit of the holiday and serve as a wonderful gesture of well-wishes to friends, clients, or business partners. Whether it's a bold red wine to symbolize luck or a sparkling champagne to herald new beginnings, ourΒ Chinese New Year Drink Gift collectionΒ hasΒ something to suit every discerning palate.

Seeking more creative CNY gift options?

On the hunt for aΒ Chinese New Year giftΒ for those who enjoy engaging in mind-stimulating activities, our Hong KongΒ 500-piece puzzle mystery is a delightful choice. With its captivating imagery and intricate details, this puzzle captures the unique beauty and cultural significance of Hong Kong. Ideal for puzzle enthusiasts or individuals with a deep appreciation for the city's heritage, it makes for an engaging and memorable gift during the Chinese New Year.