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Bottle of Gin by Two Moons

This crisp and punchy gin is perfect for adventure-seeking palates. The subtle, peppery notes of this gin will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your thirst for something new. The Bottle of Gin by Two Moons is a refined and bold spirit that will you on an adventure like no other.

🍾 70cl bottle.
🛑 Drink responsibly.
🇭🇰 Made in Hong Kong.
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👀 Description

70cl | 47% vol.
Craft Distilled In Hong Kong

Distilled with locally-grown Calamansi, our all-new summer gin aims to deliver a thirst-quenching experience amidst Hong Kong’s summer heat and humidity. A native fruit to Southeast Asia, the Calamansi’s crisp aroma, strategically paired with juniper berries and a hint of spruce bring on an incredibly fresh and invigorating citrus experience.

Committed to sourcing locally to create this bottle, a portion of our star-of-the-show Calamansi is sourced directly from a local farm in Sheung Shui as part of our farm-to-bottle initiative to take advantage of the city’s stellar local produce. Representing the quintessential countryside of Hong Kong in the summertime, enjoy a punchy, flavor-packed gin, perfect for adventure-seeking palates craving a new sensation and experience.

Tasting Notes: Characteristically Calamansi on the nose — bright, crisp and zesty. When sipped, refreshing notes of citrus develop into a soft undertone of juniper berries, before finishing with a lingering flavor of spruce tips for a layered citrus flavor profile.

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