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Gender Reveal Parties in Hong Kong - BetterThanFlowers

Gender Reveal Parties in Hong Kong

A pink "Baby Girl" and a blue "Baby Boy" balloons for gender reveal parties

Gender reveal parties have become a popular trend around the world. They are a special way to announce the gender of an unborn baby to friends and family and can take place in a variety of unique ways. Recently, the trend has been gaining traction in Hong Kong, where expectant parents are finding creative ways to make the big announcement. From elaborate themed parties to gender-revealing cakes, Hong Kong’s expectant parents are throwing gender reveal events that are full of fun and excitement. Whether it’s surprising everyone with a shower of blue or pink confetti or balloons, or letting them guess the gender of the baby, gender reveal events have become a popular way to celebrate the new arrival in Hong Kong. So, if you’re expecting, why not join the trend and throw a gender reveal party? It’s sure to be an event you and your guests will never forget!

What is a gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party is an event thrown to announce the gender of an unborn baby.They can take place at any point during the pregnancy, but are most common during the second trimester. There are a variety of ways to reveal the gender during a gender reveal party, including big announcements, confetti, balloons, and cake decorating. While the gender reveal party trend first took off in America, it has since become a popular way to celebrate the gender of an unborn baby in countries all over the world, including Hong Kong. The concept behind a gender reveal party is that the expectant parents keep the gender of the baby a secret until they’re ready to share their news. They may choose to keep the sex of their child a secret to avoid unwanted or premature comments and questions. Gender reveal parties allow guests to celebrate the new arrival without pressuring the parents to share their baby’s sex.


Gender reveal trends in Hong Kong

When planning a gender reveal party, expectant parents can let their creative juices flow to come up with an exciting and unique way to share the news. Some common trends that have been spotted in Hong Kong include: - Confetti - This is a classic reveal that always gets a great reaction from guests. It’s easy to do and a great choice for those who have their baby’s sex already known. Another easy and simple reveal method. - Big Announcements - This one is perfect for those who want to make an epic announcement at their gender reveal party. It’s a great way to celebrate the new arrival and create an unforgettable party. - Food - An edible way to share the news of your baby’s sex. The most common food items used for this are cupcakes, cakes, and ice cream sundaes. - Colour - The expectant parents can choose a colour that represents their baby’s sex. Anything from decorations to food items and party favors can be coloured pink or blue. - Balloons - Letting balloons loose at a party is sure to get the guests excited about the news. This is where Better Than Flowers Hong Kong comes into play, with the Better Than Flowers experience, planning a gender reveal party from A to Z has never been more fun. We took that concept and added a little spice to it with our wide selection of beautifully designed balloons for gender reveal parties in Hong Kong. In addition to that, if you’re attending the party and in need of a gift with a guaranteed WOW effect, we offer a fantastic alternative to the typical last-minute bouquet, one that’s completely customizable and hassle-free. With an easy-as-cake four-step process and same-day delivery, putting together the perfect present has never been easier.


Ideas for gender reveal parties

- Baby Shower - A great place to host a gender reveal party is at a baby shower. It’s a great way to celebrate the new arrival with loved ones and allows the parents to share their news without the pressure of a large crowd. - Baby Reveal Party - If you’re expecting more than one baby, you can throw a “baby reveal party” to share the news with your loved ones. This is a great way to celebrate multiple arrivals and allows the parents to keep the genders a secret until the party.  - At Home - If you’re looking for more privacy, you can host a gender reveal party at home. It’s easy to make the event special with a few decorations without needing the help of an event planner. Add your own personal touch and make it more special and a fun activity to decorate and design the theme to your liking with your partner, plus you’d be saving money.


Gender reveal decorations

A collage of pink and blue colored heart shaped balloons for gender reveal parties

Decorations are a great way to bring your gender reveal party theme to life and give guests a hint of what you’ve got planned for your big news. Some common decorations used for gender reveal parties in Hong Kong include: - Streamers - A colorful decoration that can be used to mark the party theme and make the space feel celebratory and special. - Party Bags - Give your guests a fun party favor that complements the decorations and is a great way for everyone to join in on the excitement. - Party Poppers - A fun, classic decoration that’s sure to get the guests excited about the news. - Balloons - They are a great way to add color to a space and let guests know the party theme. It is a classic decoration that can be coloured pink, blue, or you can avoid that cliché and opt for something more special that’s fit for your special baby. We suggest one of our accordingly colored heart shaped balloons with different shades of blue and different shades of pink.

A collage of "baby boy", "baby girl" and "welcome baby" colored balloons for gender reveal parties

If you want to step away from the cliché of pink or blue colored balloons we got you covered as well with our beautifully designed balloons for baby showers and gender reveal parties. 

Create your own customized decoration by mixing and matching various different balloons from the “Welcome Baby”, “Hello Baby”, to the “Baby Boy”, and “Baby Girl” Balloons.


Gender reveal activities

A pink and a blue chalkboard with two bowls and pieces of papers to vote for the gender of a baby in a gender reveal party

A party is not complete without some fun activities which are a great way to get the fun going and engage your guests in the excitement. Some common gender reveal party activities in Hong Kong include: - Baby Food Tasting - This is a delicious way to get the guests thinking about what's in store for them at the party. It’s a great activity to get the mum-to-be involved in as well. - Playing Games - With our game and puzzle collection you can get the little kids and the big kids engaged in the fun; adult games, kids’ games we have it all. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and thinking about the party theme. - Gender Reveal Dares - A fun way to get the guests involved in the party and add some silly fun to the event.


Gender reveal gifts

Educational toys and puzzles for kids including animal alphabet playing cards, a 24 puzzle piece with pictures of animals, and a 6 piece animal wooden puzzle

As a guest we can’t have you arriving empty handed, you have to set yourself as the cool uncle/aunt bearing the most fun gifts for the baby. You can hand out gender reveal gifts to help everyone feel included in the excitement and let them know that this is a special event for you as well. Gender reveal gifts are a great way to incorporate the theme of the party into the presents. With our wide selection of gifts for the baby and the parents as well you won’t have to look any further. - Balloons - A classic gift that can be coloured pink or blue to match the party theme or a little bit more special and extra with our specially designed balloons for gender reveal parties and baby showers. - Baby-Inspired Gifts - As the baby is growing up they pass through various stages and being the great gift-giver that you are because you use the Better Than Flowers service you know exactly which gifts to get; The Safari Animals Wooden Tray Puzzle: This beautiful six-piece Wooden Puzzle is perfect for so many kinds of play! Solving the tray puzzle is just the beginning. You can also use the adorable wooden animals as playtime characters in this themed Safari set. The Wild Life Floor Puzzle: This 24-piece puzzle celebrates the diversity of nature while encouraging learning through play. A great way to have fun while learning something new, Featuring signature wildlife animal illustrations and a modern chic design style. And finally the Animal Alphabet Cards; They  are the perfect gift for a newborn baby, toddler, or any age in between. A mesmerizing display for babies, and a delightful alphabet learning experience for older children.

A collage of body and face soap from soap yummy, a beard and hair oil, a shaving kit from monsieur barbier, a scented candle from becandle and a bottle of Champagne Rosé - André Bergère Origine 

Of course we can’t forget the hardworking parents, they deserve a little love as well with the beautiful “Pamper Yourself Kit” from Soap Yummy for the mom to finally sit back, relax and have herself a little at home spa experience. We didn’t forget about the father, we have exactly the perfect gift for him; “The Monsieur Barbier” Beard & Hair Box and the Shaving Kit, the perfect self grooming kit fit for a gentleman. And finally for the parents to have a little at home date after the baby is born we have an amazing wine and candle selections for the perfect dinner date.


Gender reveal drinks, snacks and desserts

A collage of snacks and drinks including chocolates from conspiracy choclates, Tea by MoreTea, a bottle of white wine, a bottle of champagne and cheesy snacks by Moon Cheese.

Snacks and desserts are a must have at a party to munch on while sipping on a nice drink from our wide selection as well as some delicious non-alcoholic drinks for the pregnant mommy. Sweet, savory, vegan, we have it all from the “Conspiracy Chocolates” to the “Moon Cheese” delicious cheesy snacks. As for the drinks opt for a Nice Bottle of Domaine Jean Dauvissat, Chablis White Wine or a bottle of Briaux Lenique Champagne fit for the celebratory theme. As for the pregnant lady we have a selection of relaxing and detoxing herbal teas from Tisarom and MoreTea.


Gender reveal games

A collection of games and toys for kids and adults including a Crossbow Assembly Puzzle Kit, a Burger Menu Lego Puzzle, a Ride the Minibus adult drinking game and a Penis Puzzle adult jigsaw puzzle

Games are a great way to get everyone involved in the party and help guests feel included in the excitement. With our games selection we have games to keep the kids distracted while the adults have some fun with some fun adult games. For the little kiddos attending the party we’ve got the Crossbow Assembly Puzzle Kit, it’s a fun toy to assemble, play with and bring their imagination to life. A great gift for kids to become their own superheroes. As well as the “Burger Menu Lego Puzzle” to assemble and play in new and yummy ways. As for the adults, we've got the perfect game for you: “Ride the Minibus” by Wild Boar Games. The drinking game that celebrates all the weird and wonderful things that make living in Hong Kong. From junk trips, contemplating quitting your day job to becoming a private tutor, to getting yelled at by taxi drivers – this game covers it all. In addition to that for the ladies we have “The Penis Puzzle” a creative way to beat- off boredom. We went to great lengths to include every penis type known to men, so you can create your very own map of male members. Don’t get too cocky though, as this puzzle is likely to get harder the more you play with it.


Gender reveal party etiquette

Gender reveal parties are meant to be celebrations for friends and family. While the expectant parents should be the center of the attention, everyone should feel included in the excitement. Make sure there are plenty of activities and games for guests to indulge in with plenty of drinks and snacks to munch in order to have the perfect memorable party.

Take the stress out of planning by opting for Better Than Flowers to cover each aspect of the party perfectly with the guaranteed WOW effect! The gender reveal party is only the beginning of the fun. Knowing your baby's gender opens a world of possibilities for decorating their room, buying cute baby outfits, and preparing your house to become a home for their arrival.

 Enjoy what’s left of your pregnancy as the anticipation builds toward welcoming your new little girl or little boy into your home and family!


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