3 🎄Christmas🎄 Chocolate Bars by Conspiracy Chocolate - BetterThanFlowers
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  • 3 🎄Christmas🎄 Chocolate Bars by Conspiracy Chocolate - BetterThanFlowers


3 Nutty Chocolate Bars by Conspiracy Chocolate

Chocolates are always a safe bet! Conspiracy Chocolates are a safer bet!
This pack offers 3 flavors; Maple Pecan, Pine Needles, and Hazelnuts. Their chocolates are guilt-free and vegan. Exciting!

🍫Comes in 3 different Flavors.
🌱100% Vegan.
🍬Bean to bar chocolate with no additives.

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👀 Description
Chocolates are always a safe bet! Conspiracy Chocolates are a safer bet!
With its bars, your friend will be able to try their best-selling flavors. Their chocolates are guilt-free and accidentally vegan. Exciting!

Our Christmas special combines the sweet, toffee, and slightly smokey taste of the maple syrup with the deliciously nutty and buttery pecans. This bar is a hint too sweet childhood moments when the weather gets cold and the holiday spirit fills the air. This bar aims to bring that deep uncontainable excitement with every bite. 75% Dak Lak Single Origin with Maple Pecans

Our Christmas special brings the experience of a pine forest covered in deep snow.. the distinct pine aroma brings this unique winter feeling, while the magical Binh Duong pepper from Vietnam adds a hint of spice and warmth to the scene. The feeling of a forest covered in snow.

A distant memory of chocolate treats, this chocolate has a mix of toasted and caramelized nuts that promise a different experience with each bite! The nuttiness also pairs well with the nutty notes in the Dak Lak cacao bean.

Conspiracy Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate company based in Hong Kong.  We use cacao beans from Vietnam and process them slowly to preserve the benefits and taste of the cacao. We do not use any additives, only nuts, herbs, and spices to create some fun combinations. Our chocolate is guilt-free and accidentally vegan.

Conspiracy Chocolate是一家設在香港的豆製巧克力公司。我們使用來自越南的可可,並儘可能地保持可可的最佳狀況和味道。我們不使用任何添加劑,只使用堅果和香料等原材料來創造一些特別的口味。我們的巧克力是使用低糖配方和天然純素。


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